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Version 0.9.8 (Final) Released
June 03, 2004

After several preview releases we have put the final 0.9.8 version of Headline Viewer on the download page.

This version fixes all known issues that arose in the preview releases. It also adds a couple of useful features:

On the Autoflip button, when Autoflip is enabled, the number of seconds to the next flip is displayed and updated every second as it counts down. The seconds between flips can be set to Slow, Medium or Fast (15, 30 and 60 secs respectively) on the drop-down menu associated with the button. It can also be set to any arbitrary value using the flip interval slider in settings.


The other feature is the option to automatically flip between providers rather than article to article. By default, when AutoFlip is activated Headline Viewer will flip through all the articles for the current provider before continuing to the next provder. This option will just make Headline Viewer flip directly to the next provider when the AutoFlip interval is up. To change to flipping providers just select "Flip Providers" from the AutoFlip drop-down menu (shown below). (Also make sure AutoFlip is not off - pressing the AutoFlip button toggles AutoFlip on and off).


If you are having problems with script errors being displayed when Headline Viewer blocks popups I have added a section to the FAQ that explains how to deal with them.

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