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Headline Viewer 0.9.9 is released
March 03, 2005

This release is a major update to Headline Viewer. We have added lots of new features and fixed many issues in an effort to make Headline Viewer easier and more intuitive to use. We see Headline Viewer as your personal information hub. Going forward are committed to making it easier to get content into Headline Viewer, helping you manage and filter it , and then getting it out of Headline Viewer to share with friends and co-workers.

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Some of the new features:

Atom support

atom-logo75px.gif Headline Viewer now supports the Atom syndication standard. Atom is the latest standard for distributing Headlines, Weblog Articles, etc. In addition we still support RSS (in all its versions).
What does this mean for you? In short: lots more content! There are many weblogs and news sources out there supporting Atom now. Just look out for links to Atom feed links and drag them into Headline Viewer.

New user interface

The old category and provider lists have been replaced with a single News Feeds tree. This is a simpler and more intuitive way of navigating and organizing the hundreds of feeds that Headline Viewer is capable of storing.


Also, as you can see from the picture, each feed now indicates how many articles it contains (the number in blue). We also have new icons for the tree. They are as follows:
category.gif - Category
feedfull.gif - Feed contains articles
feedempty.gif - Feed is empty
feeddownloading.gif - Feed is being downloaded
feederror.gif - Feed could not be downloaded

Share articles via email

sendbutton.gifNow with one click of a button you can share interesting articles you find in Headline Viewer with friends and coworkers via email. Just click the "Send" button and Headline Viewer will create an email with the title, description and a link to the article in your email program. You can then address it and add a personal message and send it out.

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