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What is Headline Viewer?

Headline Viewer is a Windows application that lets you see news headlines from a configurable list of Headline Providers (news sources and weblogs). Instead of continuously jumping from site to site to check on headlines (and using a big fat browser window), you can let Headline Viewer do it for you:

812 predefined Headline Providers
Configure it the way you want
Watch news sources!
Hierarchical Category List
Any number of headline providers
Watch mailing lists!
Multiple views & fonts
Watch weblogs!
Double-click to open story in browser
Stay informed!
Automatic flipping between stories
Drag & drop subscription to RSS feeds
Read more, browse less!
Context Menus, Drag & Drop
Support for 6 XML formats
 and generic text format
Be cool!
Search Within Headlines
Self-Updating Provider List
Lose Weight!

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The current version is preconfigured to download headlines from 812 sites; you can easily add even more.

The net result: Access to tons and tons of interesting content (over 3500 unique providers at last count). Headline Viewer automatically handles all overlap between provider lists, automatically merging duplicate and aliased entries.

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