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Headline Viewer FAQ
  1. Is This Free, Shareware, or what?
    This program is shareware; the registration fee (once it reaches version 1.0) will be $25. Registration will not be required until the program reaches version 1.0, sometime in the year 2005. Skin authors are eligible for free registration.

  2. What about updates?
    Check back here every couple of days. Also, the program will automatically check for upgrades every 48 hours (its a beta and it changes regularly). You can turn this feature off in the Settings page. If you do not want automatic updates, send email to and we will send you a message when ever a new version is ready.

  3. What new features are planned for upcoming versions?
    All kinds of great features are planned. It is important to remember that content syndication is a very fast-moving industry right now, and that plans may change in response to sudden shifts. However, the following features are definitely in the works:
    • Support for PodCasting
    • Publishing support
    • Full database on the backend to facilitate finding and relating stories
    • Additional (and better looking) skins.
    • Remote server-based storage of your personal list of providers.
    • Filtering and scanning of article headlines for keywords.
    • A news ticker mode.
    • Dynamic personal publishing of your favorite articles.
    • And more!

  4. I am getting script errors when I look at articles. Whatls that all about?
    Script errors are usually a side effect of Headline Viewers popup blocking feature. They are caused when JavaScript in an article page tries to communicate with a popup window that Headline Viewer has blocked. Internet Explorer displays the window to let you know there has been a problem with the JavaScript on the page. Fortunately you can tell Internet Explorer not to display these errors. Just open Internet Explorer, go to Internet Options on the Tools menu and click on the Advanced tab. Then check the Disable script debugging option and uncheck the Display a notification about every script error option. See the picture below:

  5. Can I restore the some of the categories I chose not to view when Headline Viewer first started up?
    All the categories are still in Headline Viewer they are just not active. To restore inactive categories:
    1. Click on the "Settings" Button
    2. Click to the "Categories" tab in the settings window
    3. You will see the complete category tree. Activate the categories you wish to see by clicking on them and making sure there is a check-mark in the "Active" box

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