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It's always great when someone says good things about us. If you have something good to say, please feel free to email it to us.
  • I've seen lots of different ways to scan headlines, but this by far is the fastest. This program does what everybody said push and PointCast would do without the bandwidth wasting clutter.
    -- Kirby Collins

  • This is one of the best info sources on the takes content to the 4th dimension. Bravo!
    -- Colleen Allen, LA Times

  • This is a killer app, and I don't say that lightly--you get all the daily headlines from numerous sites delivered right to your doorstep.
    -- Robert Helmer, Shell Extension City

  • Am in love with your product. It's the only way I can make it thru the trades each day. I show it to colleges and customer as the only "gotta use it everyday"example of XML ware I know.
    -- Scott Dare, Qwest Internet Solutions

  • I have been looking for sometime for a good News Program and tried several. I tried NewZprint and that was a nice program but it took to long to download the content. I then tried NewsDart and that only gave headlines of content that you had to specify ahead of time.

    I then found your program and the amount of content and the diversity that you provide is truly amazing. This is now one of my favorite programs. Thanks - Great Job
    -- Tom Francis

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