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New Providers
February 05, 2005
Major Provider List Update

Over the past few weeks we have been doing a major provider list update. We have done the usual clean out of dead feeds and added some nice new ones. What makes this updated worthy of comment is that we changed all the Moreover feeds to their nice new RSS 2.0 formated feeds. As we include several hundred Moreover feeds in the built in provider list this update took quite a while!

The new Moreover feed list can be seen here:

The new moreover feeds have much better metadata than the old ones. For Headline Viewer users this means the article descriptions are much better. They now contain a 2 to 3 line summary of the article contents. Here's an example:


So what are you waiting for, if you haven't updated already, do it now! Here's how:

Start Headline Viewer and go to the Settings window. Click on the Providers tab which will bring you to the options shown below. Hit the Update Built-in Providers buttons and Headline Viewer will download the provider updates from our servers. When it is done it will display a summary of the changes made in the area below the button. (Note: We recommend that you select the Check for Provider Updates at Startup option in order to be kept up-to-date with changes to the master provider list)


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February 19, 2004
Got Comics?

Tapestry is a service by to provide RSS feeds to all your favourite comics. They have a list of 16 so far including Dilbert, BC and Peanuts. Check it out at:


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Some recent feeds

The BBC are now supporting RSS directly. See:

Build your own RSS news feed at NewsTrove:

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