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"Add to Headline Viewer" Buttons
December 15, 2004

We have updated the design of our add to Headline Viewer buttons. The new designs can be seen below:

These buttons are for web site owners who want publicize their news feeds and allow one click subscription to their feeds for Headline Viewer users.

On clicking on the button Headline Viewer will ask the user which category to put the feed in. Once a category is selected the feed will be added to it and the latest headlines downloaded.

If you are currently using Headline Viewer, try it by clicking on the button above. It will subscribe you to our News feed.

Remember Headline Viewer must be running for the above to work!

To help you build buttons tailored to your news feed we have created the Headline Viewer button generator. It should be very easy to operate but as always let us know if you have difficulty.

If you decide to use a Headline Viewer button on your site let us know. We may feature your site here or even add it to the master provider listing.

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